Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Bargain Shopping

I did a little bargain shopping today and was quite pleased with my small "haul." This was a purchase I made at CVS. Every item I purchased, I had a manufacturer's coupon for. I also had some "free CVS money" in the form of Extra Care Bucks from a previous purchase. Can you guess what I spent on this trip? I bet it will surprise you....I spent a total of $1.57 out of pocket(and that was all tax)!! Now here is the bonus, I made $23.97 in Extra Care Bucks to use on a future purchase! Supposedly, I saved a total of $40.79, although, realistically, I never would have bought these items for that amount. If you want to get started on some bargain shopping of your own, I suggest checking out the website www.pinchingyourpennies.com. It is a great resource, they even match your coupons to the weekly store ads. Also, if you are in Utah or Arizona, the website www.sistersavings.net is pretty useful. A stake relief society president down here started the website and it is a good start on your 3 month supply. Did I mention my new calling is Stake Canning Specialist? I am trying to get our family going on our supply.


Cody&Mindy said...

Way to go Kelly...k you have to keep sharing all these tips so that we can all stalk up too. Teach us all the ins and outs of the cannery too please!!

Jeff & Shauna said...

Sweet Savings Kelly. After I saw your post I got on pinching your pennies and checked it out. We could use a little more savings. Thanks for the great tips!