Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A funny by Luke

So, I have this book Pregnancy Week by Week. It is really informative, especially for a first time mom. I pulled it out and have shown Camilla and Luke the drawings of what the baby looks like at different points in pregnancy. Early on, they were both disturbed by the umbilical cord drawings. I explained that that is how the baby eats and gets nutrients and that that is where the belly button is after the baby is born. They wondered if that was the case for them too, and I told them that everyone is fed that way in their mom's tummy. So, we haven't talked about it in a while and on Sunday, Luke was feeling my tummy and feeling the baby move and the hiccups. He notices my protruding belly button and asks, "Is the milk straw behind that?" Which, he was referring to the umbilical cord (now known as the "milk straw."). Chris and I had a good laugh.

School is back in session!

Camilla and Luke on the first day of school. Camilla picked out which uniform she wanted to wear.

Camilla posing in front of our bushes. She decided to buy lunch on the first day of school.

We walked Camilla to school. We knew the parking lot and streets would be packed. It was a hot morning, but she was excited to walk.

Camilla found her desk. She had her pencil box and her water bottle all ready.

Camilla with her buddy Tanner. They were both excited to start Kindergarten. The moms were both excited that they were in the same class. Of 19 students, 8 of them are from the ward! And there are probably about a dozen more spread out in the other classes.

Camilla just started her third week of school on Monday. Her first day was on July 28! Our district is on a modified year round schedule, so we have an early start date, but we also have some longer breaks during the year. She has been so excited to go to the school in our neighborhood and to start kindergarten. She goes all day and came home the first day and said, "Mom, that was a long day." I am so glad she did the Kindersteps program last year. It has definitely helped transition her for all day. She seems to have a great teacher, Mrs. Moore. A lot of what they are doing is pretty basic, but she is learning her phonograms and picking it up very quickly. She has also learned several little songs for writing numbers and letters correctly, days of the week, months in the year, etc. She loves going to computers, P.E., music, and library and is anxious to get to start checking books out. She likes eating lunch at school (and with her friends) and is excited by how many recesses she has. I know she will have a great year and learn a ton. Poor Luke, misses his sister. He asks every morning (after only about an hour of being home) when Camilla is going to be home. Maybe once the baby gets here, she will occupy him a little.

Busy Summer

Well, our summer flew by!! At the end of June, Chris decided last minute that he would get me and the kids up to Utah, so that we could spend as much time as possible with family. He told me that I had two hours to get everything together, and then we were hitting the road. Amazingly enough, we were able to get everything pulled together (even doing 2 loads of laundry) and drove to St. George, Utah. Jeff and Shauna were so great to let us invade their home (especially with it being last minute). Camilla and Luke were both excited to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shauna. Camilla even stayed up until about 2:00 AM, listening to the adults talk. In the morning Shauna made us yummy french toast, and we headed out for Logan. We spent a few days up in Logan visiting with Grandma Norton (Grandpa was in China). Camilla and Luke were able to play with their cousins and even got to go swimming at Aunt Mindy's. Alexa played her usual role and gave Camilla and me much needed haircuts.

On Tuesday, we headed down to Spanish Fork, to my sister, Alli's, home. She and her husband Jon just moved there from Boise to start Law School at BYU and Alli will be teaching in Payson (for the same principal I taught for). They were gracious enough to host the "Roberts Family Reunion" minus Spencer. Lindsay and her family came from Sandpoint, Idaho and my parents and Michael came from Casper, Wyoming. We were hoping Spencer would be back from his current deployment, but he won't return until September. Michael had just returned the month before from his mission to Mexico City, so it was great to get most of us together. Nana and Papa spoiled all of the grandkids. On Wednesday, they took us to the awesome dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. All of the kids enjoyed going there and seeing the dinosaurs. They had quite a few interactive features as well that were great for all of the kids (aged 9 - 3). (Unfortunately, Jon and Chris had to work, so they didn't join us there).

On Thursday, Chris had to fly back to Phoenix for a scheduled hearing in Tucson. He got to our house and was brushing his teeth to head down to Tucson, when he got the call that the case was settled. So, he flew back to AZ pretty much for nothing. Luckily, he was able to get a flight back that same night, instead of late afternoon on July 4. My dad was great and got up early to drive him to the airport and he and Michael picked him up late that night. It was a long day for both of them. While Chris was in AZ, the rest of us enjoyed a day at Seven Peaks Water Park, in Provo. It was a fun day for most. Thankfully, we had reserved a pavillion, so we had some shade and a place to go eat some snacks and relax a little. My poor mom, spent most of the day under the pavillion, so she was quite warm. My dad and I had all of the little kids for most of the day. We spent a lot of time in the kiddie pools. After lunch, we all went on the "lazy river." Although, several of us weren't prepared for the little waterfalls. Those were a little shocking to the system. I thought that would be a really relaxing way to spend some time, but being pregnant and being stuck in an innertube was not all that fun. I made it around once in the tube and then had to get out and steer the tube. After the lazy river, my dad took Camilla and headed for the water slides. She had a great time hitting those with her Aunts and Uncles, Grandpa, and cousins Jackson and Parker. We spent all day there. While others could have stayed even longer, I was thankful for the park closing time. The day in the sun and water really wore me out.

Friday was the fourth of July. We played games and hung out at Alli and Jon's. It was good to visit and have a little down time. The kids enjoyed the little park in the neighborhood and blowing bubble outside. That night we took a picnic dinner (KFC) to a hill just beyond Seven Peaks to watch the fireworks overlooking Provo, from Stadium of Fire. The kids enjoyed seeing the fireworks, and it was nice not having to fight traffic to get home.

On Saturday, we all went to see Kung Foo Panda. It was a very cute show. Then we headed back up to Logan for our nephew's, Conner's, baptism. It was nice that it worked out that we could attend that special day. It was held in the Logan Tabernacle. We spent the night up in Logan and enjoyed some more time with the Norton clan.

On Sunday night, Chris grilled yummy steaks for everyone down at Alli's. He made his famous chimichurri sauce, which was a hit. I am so thankful to have a husband who likes to grill. Unfortunately, we didn't get any guacamole in for Michael (but if he comes to visit us, I will make him some).

Monday was our last day before we all headed out of town. My sisters and mom had decided to do an adult girl's day and do a little baby shower for me. Unfortunately, my mom came down with a nasty cold and was stuck in bed, so it turned into a Sibiling Day (since we dragged Michael along with us). We first went to a fun store in Springville called Rod Works. They have tons of cute things to decorate your home with. Then we headed over to the Art City Trolley, a great little restaurant in Springville, which was a favorite of ours when we lived there. Michael treated us all to lunch. I had the yummy Art City Salad. It is one I have craved often since moving. I know I could recreate a similar one, and now I will have to. After lunch, we went to go get pedicures (a first for each of us girls, Michael did not indulge). It was heavenly. It was a nice treat, especially for my sore pregnant feet. Thanks girls (and Michael) for a great day!

Chris was able to sneak in at least 3 golf games while we were in Utah. I know that was probably his favorite part. He took my dad out with him, but the early hours seemed to be too early for anyone else. They were usually home before most were out of bed.

We headed back home on Tuesday. We drove straight home (with only a few stops for food/bathroom breaks). We made really good time, and I commented on how much better the drive is by just shaving off the time from Logan to Spanish Fork. Those two hours make a difference on a long day. The kiddos did great in the car and had a great trip. It was great to see both of our families. It does make me wish we were all closer. I am thankful that Michael is now down here close. Hopefully, we can get him up here every once in a while.