Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elizabeth's Blessing

We had both sets of grandparents in town at the same time, so we decided to bless Elizabeth while they were both here. Since the overlap did not occur on a Sunday, we received permission to bless her in our home. We threw together a meal and invited all our family to join us for burgers and a blessing. We missed not having many of our siblings in attendance, but we completely filled our home with our extended family here in Arizona. Courtney Court has never seen so many minivans and SUV's. It was a neat experience to do this in our home surrounded by so many that have taken care of us since we moved to Arizona.

Luke & Camilla cannot get enough of Elizabeth!

Lizzie's Hair

I was trying to get a picture of her grinning, but I just missed it. However, this is a good pic of her hair. It stands straight up in the air 24-7.

Camping in the desert

I took Camilla and Luke to our Ward Campout in the middle of the desert. It was actually a water skiing development that is still "developing." We camped in our tent on the bank. We left mom and Elizabeth home for a break from us. The kids were so excited to go fishing. We bought them a pole and they each caught their first fish. No...that is not bait on the the line. They each reeled in their "big catch" on their own.
I think nex time I will have them fish in Grandpa's Koi pond so they can catch something a little bigger. They could see the little fish swimming all around their bait. They also enjoyed a boat ride on the ski boat.