Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We were invited to head up to Uncle Doug's and Aunt Ann's ranch for the Memorial Day Weekend with the rest of the Forsgren family. We were excited to head up where it was "cooler." (Phoenix had an unusually wet and cool Memorial Weekend, so we really didn't need to head anywhere to escape the heat). We headed up on Saturday morning and encountered snow in the higher elevation (see 1st picture). We made it in under 2.5 hours, although with Camilla asking if we were there yet and asking to stretch every 3-5 minutes, you'd think we were headed across the country! We mad it up in time for lunch and let the kids loose to play with the cousins. I played games with the ladies and Chris headed out with the men to target practice. The kids just loved playing outside all day. It was cool enough up there that we all wore sweatshirts and long pants. Luke even had his winter coat on the first day. They also kept a fire going in the wood burning stove in the Ramada and in the fire pit outside. So, we were nice and cozy, even though the wind was howling. Josh and Candice were so gracious and opened up their "Pimp Palace" (as Josh refers to it) to us, so we didn't have to sleep in a tent. They even gave us the bed that their kiddos usually sleep in. (Thanks again!!) Camilla slept out in the living room with the cousins and loved having a "sleepover." Luke slept on the top bunk in our room. Camilla loved playing with all of the girls in the "clubhouse" and Luke just loved going for rides. I think just about everyone took Luke for a ride. Uncle Doug couldn't seem to escape without Luke seeing him leave and asking for a ride. If he wasn't on an actual ride, he was pretending on the Kempton's 4 Wheelers. He even had on Chance's helmet. Right before leaving on Sunday afternoon, Camilla was thrilled to discover a lizard. She tried to convince me to let her bring it home, but it is safely at its home on the ranch. Thanks Forsgrens for a great weekend and all the yummy food. We had a great time.


Kristina said...

Fun pictures! Hope Chris didn't mind the picture in our blog too much! :)

Emily J. said...

So that lizard gives me the creeps. I would have died. I just hate lizards. Camilla is one brave girl.

Cody&Mindy said...

Kelly that sounds like so much fun...wish you would have been here though. I've heard a lot about that ranch I need to make it up there some time. Tell Candice and Josh we want to stay in their "Pimp Palace" too. I'm soo glad you have all those guys to take good care of you. They are the neatest family.