Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Luke Swimming Lessons

This is how Luke spent the first week (of two), crying and saying he was cold for the entire 30 minutes of lessons! Thankfully, the second week, he had warmed up to the idea of swimming lessons.
Pam was so great with Luke. She would calm him down when it was his turn and tell him to take a deep breath. She didn't let a lot of crying slow her down. Thanks Pam!
Luke getting ready to go under and kick his legs.
The favorite part of the lesson (maybe because it signaled the end)-diving for rings!
Luke finally relaxing enough to float. For the first week, he would clutch Pam's arms, but he learned to relax and put his arms out. He has told us he is going to be a big boy at swimming lessons. He might even be looking forward to some future lessons!!
I do have to say, if nothing else came out of swimming lessons, Luke got excited about potty training. He liked the idea of standing up and going in the weeds next to the house (so much so in fact that he would go before his lesson and usually once during his lesson). He is getting better about telling us when he has to go and will go sit on his little potty. We are going to hit it hard once Camilla is out of school next week and we can be home for longer periods of time. He wants to give his diapers to the baby, so we need to get him out of them before she gets here.


Cody&Mindy said...

Way to go Lukey... you look like a little fish. My kids were always petrified of the water...your pictures brought back a ton of memories. I'm glad he started liking it though. Hey good luck with the potty training. Max is doing pretty good but I'm also waiting for the 1st week the kids are out of school to finalize this potty thing once and for all.

PamJorg said...

Luke did great, even smiled at the end!!

Cody & Alexa said...

Way to to luck and Camilla. Sure wish it would stay warm enough here so we could go swimming. We miss you guys you need go come and visit soon. Love ya

Shauna said...

So glad Luke was finally starting to enjoy the water. The first picture of him, he just looks so sad. Good luck with more swim lessons. Love ya!

Misha said...

I really may try out that potty training trick. Thanks for the advice!