Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camilla's Last Day of School

Camilla with some classmates (Breslin, Cassidy, Hadley, and Camilla)
Camilla and her best bud Hadley (Notice the matching dresses--this was planned weeks in advance).

The Norton Family at the Celebration

Camilla and her sweet teacher Miss Misty Hansen (She's from Casper, where my parents are currently).
Camilla with Mrs. "H" (Miss Hansen's assistant)

Today was Camilla's last day of Kindersteps (a half day kindergarten program our district has for kids turning 5 between Sept. and Dec.). She is sad for school to end, but is excited to go to All Day Kindergarten at our neighborhood school (in only 2 short months, she starts on July 28!). She had a great year and learned so much. She mastered all of the requirements for kindergarten and was referred to 1st grade, but we are going to do kindergarten to give her the biggest advantage we can in school.

On Friday, Miss Hansen planned a "Celebration" for both the morning and afternoon classes. They sang a few songs, she gave a few remarks, and then they passed out certificates to all of the students. They served cake and juice after and Miss Hansen had made up little books for the students to get autographs of their friends. It was a sweet program. Chris got it on video, but I'll have to have him help me upload a link to the site.

We are so thankful for the interaction Camilla has had this year with her teachers and other students. She will miss Miss Hansen and Mrs. H and all of her classmates (only one of them will go to Camilla's school next year). I think Camilla will also miss being up at the high school and getting to do some fun things there (Pep Rallies, Rocket launch with ROTC, etc.). It was a great year!

Memorial Day Weekend

We were invited to head up to Uncle Doug's and Aunt Ann's ranch for the Memorial Day Weekend with the rest of the Forsgren family. We were excited to head up where it was "cooler." (Phoenix had an unusually wet and cool Memorial Weekend, so we really didn't need to head anywhere to escape the heat). We headed up on Saturday morning and encountered snow in the higher elevation (see 1st picture). We made it in under 2.5 hours, although with Camilla asking if we were there yet and asking to stretch every 3-5 minutes, you'd think we were headed across the country! We mad it up in time for lunch and let the kids loose to play with the cousins. I played games with the ladies and Chris headed out with the men to target practice. The kids just loved playing outside all day. It was cool enough up there that we all wore sweatshirts and long pants. Luke even had his winter coat on the first day. They also kept a fire going in the wood burning stove in the Ramada and in the fire pit outside. So, we were nice and cozy, even though the wind was howling. Josh and Candice were so gracious and opened up their "Pimp Palace" (as Josh refers to it) to us, so we didn't have to sleep in a tent. They even gave us the bed that their kiddos usually sleep in. (Thanks again!!) Camilla slept out in the living room with the cousins and loved having a "sleepover." Luke slept on the top bunk in our room. Camilla loved playing with all of the girls in the "clubhouse" and Luke just loved going for rides. I think just about everyone took Luke for a ride. Uncle Doug couldn't seem to escape without Luke seeing him leave and asking for a ride. If he wasn't on an actual ride, he was pretending on the Kempton's 4 Wheelers. He even had on Chance's helmet. Right before leaving on Sunday afternoon, Camilla was thrilled to discover a lizard. She tried to convince me to let her bring it home, but it is safely at its home on the ranch. Thanks Forsgrens for a great weekend and all the yummy food. We had a great time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Luke Swimming Lessons

This is how Luke spent the first week (of two), crying and saying he was cold for the entire 30 minutes of lessons! Thankfully, the second week, he had warmed up to the idea of swimming lessons.
Pam was so great with Luke. She would calm him down when it was his turn and tell him to take a deep breath. She didn't let a lot of crying slow her down. Thanks Pam!
Luke getting ready to go under and kick his legs.
The favorite part of the lesson (maybe because it signaled the end)-diving for rings!
Luke finally relaxing enough to float. For the first week, he would clutch Pam's arms, but he learned to relax and put his arms out. He has told us he is going to be a big boy at swimming lessons. He might even be looking forward to some future lessons!!
I do have to say, if nothing else came out of swimming lessons, Luke got excited about potty training. He liked the idea of standing up and going in the weeds next to the house (so much so in fact that he would go before his lesson and usually once during his lesson). He is getting better about telling us when he has to go and will go sit on his little potty. We are going to hit it hard once Camilla is out of school next week and we can be home for longer periods of time. He wants to give his diapers to the baby, so we need to get him out of them before she gets here.

Camilla Swimming Lessons

Camilla practicing her kicking
Camilla floating
Camilla floating all on her own
We just finished two weeks worth of swimming lessons on Friday. Camilla did a fantastic job! She was the only student in the end who could float all by herself! She really worked hard at getting her stroke, kicking and breathing down. She is turning into a little fish. She has asked us when her next lessons will be. She had a great time with Ms. Pam.

My Bargain Shopping

I did a little bargain shopping today and was quite pleased with my small "haul." This was a purchase I made at CVS. Every item I purchased, I had a manufacturer's coupon for. I also had some "free CVS money" in the form of Extra Care Bucks from a previous purchase. Can you guess what I spent on this trip? I bet it will surprise you....I spent a total of $1.57 out of pocket(and that was all tax)!! Now here is the bonus, I made $23.97 in Extra Care Bucks to use on a future purchase! Supposedly, I saved a total of $40.79, although, realistically, I never would have bought these items for that amount. If you want to get started on some bargain shopping of your own, I suggest checking out the website It is a great resource, they even match your coupons to the weekly store ads. Also, if you are in Utah or Arizona, the website is pretty useful. A stake relief society president down here started the website and it is a good start on your 3 month supply. Did I mention my new calling is Stake Canning Specialist? I am trying to get our family going on our supply.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A few more pictures from Luke's Big Day

Luke on his new scooter with his monkey, Bananas.

Buzz Luke and Buzz Bananas

Luke's Birthday

Camilla helping to stuff the bear. Luke really didn't even want to get close, but you can see him in the background with me.
Camilla fluffing and combing Luke's monkey for him.
Luke really didn't even want to hold his monkey at first.
Luke and Camilla playing at the mall.
Camilla with Miley and Luke with Bananas (he finally perked up!).

Luke had a great birthday. He awoke to decorations and balloons. Camilla came in and asked if she could skip school. I asked her why and she told me "because it is Luke's birthday." She was worried she would miss out on the festivities (all she missed was me making the cupcakes).

Luke decided he wanted "Old McDonald's" for lunch, even Chris got to join us. He also wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop for his birthday, so we went in the evening. Camilla brought her bear that she had made before, Miley, and decided to pick out an outfit for her, rather than make a new bear. Luke picked a monkey and named him Bananas. Once we got there, Luke just was not excited. I don't know if he was being shy or if it was because he fell asleep for a few minutes in the car. Of course, Camilla was excited to step in and "help" Luke make his monkey. Luke finally was excited when he spotted a Buzz Lightyear costume for Bananas. He was so excited to have Bananas have a matching costume with him!

After dinner, at a yummy BBQ place, Waldo's, we came home and opened presents. He was excited about every present he opened and was excited he didn't have to wait anymore. Camilla found Luke a remote control Lightning McQueen Race Car (which they are both enjoying). He also got a really great first scooter (Radio Flyer). It has two wheels in the front, one in the back, and a really wide platform to stand on. It can only be turned a little bit, so it should work great for Luke. He has been riding it around the house. He was also excited by the water guns and bubble machine and loved the baseball and baseball mit from Grandma and Grandpa Norton. He is asking everyone if they want to play baseball. He is just too cute and already seems older.