Monday, September 8, 2008

We are at the hospital

We got the call from the hospital at about 5:30 this evening, saying they were ready for us to come in. I am now hooked up to the IV and they have started the potocin. I am 5.5-6 cm. dialated, so they think it should go pretty quickly. Here's to a baby girl arriving soon! Chris will keep you posted.

Update -- No Baby Yet

So, you've probably guessed that we haven't had our baby yet. We were all set for the induction yesterday morning at 5:30. We got a phone call at 4:00 AM from the hospital saying that they were too full and couldn't accommodate us yet, but hopefully by the afternoon or evening. Apparently they were busy all day, because we never got the phone call that we could come in. I did have some good contractions again yesterday, and they even built up to 4-6 minutes apart, lasting for at least a minute. I got in the tub to relax a little, and they slowed down. So I decided to try to get some rest, since I was exhausted. I continued to have some throughout the night, but they slowed down considerably, so no baby. I did call L&D this morning and apparently I am next on the list, but they don't know when that will be. Maybe the contractions will kick in again here and we can get things moving along. We will keep you all posted.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramblings of an insomniac pregnant lady

Well, since it is 4:30 AM, and I have already been awake for the last two hours, I thought now would be as good of a time as any other to update our blog. Yes the due date has now come and gone and still no little one. We have all been anxiously awaiting her arrival. I have felt pretty good overall, with the exception of the heartburn, so really I can't complain too much. It is just reaching the end and not knowing when she will make her debut that is the frustrating part.

So when the doctor first checked me a few weeks ago, I was dilated to a 3. The past two visits I was dilated to a 4, so a good start. When I went on Wednesday, the doctor stripped my membranes, which immediately started the contractions going. I took Luke and did some shopping to keep them going and while eating lunch, they just kept getting stronger and stronger. So, I called Chris to see where he was and to warn him that we could be making a trip to the hospital. We headed home and decided we should go into L & D, since the contractions were pretty consistent and fairly strong. I was put in the little triage area and hooked up to the monitors, and unfortunately, not much was going on. I hadn't progressed at all from my morning appointment. The nurse asked if I wanted to walk to see if that would get things going, so Chris and I walked the entire hospital for about an hour and came back to get checked. Again, no progress, and the contractions seemed to be fizzling out some. So, they decided to send me home, but did set us up with an induction on Sunday morning at 5:30 AM, if I didn't have her before then. (Everyone saying that I would probably be back before than, but at least I had an "end date.") The contractions did continue fairly regularly and lasting between 45 and 75 seconds until about 11:00 PM that night. Since then, they have come sporadically, but nothing as strong or as regular as Wednesday. Maybe there was finally some change by the end of the night, and that will make laboring go even that much quicker when it actually does happen!

So, if she doesn't decide to come today, she should be in our arms sometime tomorrow. Camilla and Luke are so excited to meet their little sister and have been asking when she will get here. They were disappointed on Wednesday--not so much that the baby wasn't here yet, but more so that they weren't spending the night at the Golightly's. (Our dear friends who have been "on call" for the past several weeks, awaiting the arrival of our little one). We had dropped Luke off when we headed to the hospital and Kristina picked Camilla up from school, so they thought they were going to be there all night. We so appreciate Kristina and Shane (and their kiddos) being "on call" for the past several weeks. They have fed us, checked up on us, driven Camilla to school, etc. They are the greatest friends around and definitely part of our "Arizona Family."

P.S. Chris took a picture of me during my "fake labor" (as he likes to call it) and sent it to our parents. I am sure it will be posted eventually, and I will have to post my sister's commentary back to him.