Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Pics

Crazy Kids!

Tired Kids!

Visit to the beach in L.A.

Camilla enjoyed racing the waves. Luke was concerned about getting "dirty" and wanted nothing to do with the water. He was content to throw some sand and a lime he found on the beach.

BYU vs. UCLA @ Rose Bowl

We enjoyed watching BYU with more than 20,000 other Cougar fans.

Camilla's First Day of School

Monday, July 16, 2007

The "Green House"

The "Green House"

We thought we would start a little blog to keep our family and friends updated on the Arizona Nortons. We recently moved into the "Green House." We finally found a house that had the size we wanted and a relatively big yard. I say relative, because it is actually quite small, but by Arizona cookie-cutter housing standards it is adequate. We purchased the house as a bran-new "spec" home, which means that we did not get to make any selections. Let's just say that we would not have picked many of the same things as the 65-year old couple who planned to buy the house. Think of a bran new house with circa-80's "silverado" carpet, faux black marble Formica, and interesting linoleum. We did use these awful selections to negotiate a better price. Hopefully, we can slowly make it our own.

Right now, we have a 10x12 patch of grass that is the greenest and lushest grass you have ever seen. Our neighbors ordered way too much sod when putting in their backyard. After all the other neighbors on the cul-de-sac took what they wanted, there was still more than a pallet of sod left over, and they offered it to us. I was a bit reluctant because even a full pallet would not put a dent in our back yard. We began to lay what was left of the half pallet only to find out that the contractor found another job for the full pallet. Therefore, we only had enough for a 10x12 foot patch. The kids have loved running through the sprinkler. Before we had even finished laying the sod, Luke went upstairs to retrieve his toy lawn mower. I fear, however, that it will not be adequate to cut the grass, and I will soon have to buy a lawn mower as it is growing out of control.