Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Camilla Swimming Lessons

Camilla practicing her kicking
Camilla floating
Camilla floating all on her own
We just finished two weeks worth of swimming lessons on Friday. Camilla did a fantastic job! She was the only student in the end who could float all by herself! She really worked hard at getting her stroke, kicking and breathing down. She is turning into a little fish. She has asked us when her next lessons will be. She had a great time with Ms. Pam.


Cody&Mindy said...

Kelly it looks like you found a great swim teacher, that really helps! Camilla you look awesome out there floating all by yourself!!

PamJorg said...

Thanks for those pics Kelly! I'm not sure how I feel about the fat lady helping Luke float, but hey...swimming lessons has got me down 8 lbs so far so I guess I can't complain! Can I steal a couple of your pix?

Shauna said...

Camilla every time I see you in the water I think of when you and I went swimming. You were such a great swimmer then and I can only imagine how much better you are. Keep up the good work! WE LOVE YOU!

Chris and Kelly said...

Pam, way to go on the weight loss. I can email you the pictures if that is easier, but I don't mind if you copy them.

Emily J. said...

Way to go Camilla! We sure miss you.