Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Visit with Aunt Catherine and Uncle Nick and Camilla loses her first tooth

On Sunday, we drove up to Ramona to visit Chris's Aunt Catherine (Norton) and Uncle Nick. We also visited with Chris's cousin Brady and his family, who live next door. Camilla and Luke made themselves at home and enjoyed playing with Brady's daughter, Jaclynn. Aunt Catherine made us a lovely dinner of chicken, rice, stuffing, and jello. You'll have to ask Chris about his new "favorite" jello salad (I'll give you a hint, it involved lemon jello, some crushed pineapple, cucumbers and a little onion. Apparently, it was one that Grandma Norton used to make, but it wasn't one Chris remembered. Chris requested that Aunt Catherine make it for his dad when he comes to visit in a few weeks.) We had a good visit. Can you believe Uncle Nick will be 96 this summer? Doesn't he look great?
Playing Lincoln Logs

Camilla discovered her first loose tooth a few weeks ago. She has been working on it ever since. She was showing it off at Aunt Catherine's, and Jodi told her that Aunt Catherine had a lot of practice pulling teeth (from all of her years teaching). Aunt Catherine told Camilla she would see if it was ready to come out and pulled it out. Camilla was a little nervous with the blood, but was excited to lose her first tooth. (Luke decided he didn't want to lose any teeth ever).
Camilla showing off her tooth.

Do you see the little gap?

Camilla with Aunt Catherine

Camilla sound asleep, awaiting the tooth fairy. Don't you love the crossed arms? The tooth fairy did find her. She left her a note with $5 (a $2 bill and 3 ones) and a pack of gum. She was thrilled.

Luke tuckered out. He would fall asleep in the car while we were going to get dinner, and then wouldn't want to go to sleep. Luckily, this day, he got his nap in on our way to Ramona in the early afternoon.

Lizzie sleeping in her own bed.


Alexa said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun time on your trip. I am so jealous, I need a vacation so bad. Camilla you look so cute with out your tooth, way to be brave. Miss you guys. Love ya

ashycam said...

THey are so sweet. The gap look fits you Camilla.

Shauna said...

Congats Camilla on loosing your very 1st tooth. That's exciting!! Wow I can't believe how old Uncle Nick is. I've never met him. Glad you guys got to spend some time with Aunt Catherine and Uncle Nick.

Emily J. said...

I can't believe Camilla just lost her first tooth. I guess that is the difference between girls and boys. landon knocked that exact same tooth out 2 years ago. It is just barely coming in now. Way to go Camilla. Can your tooth fairy visit me?!