Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break - Phil's BBQ

Chris and I enjoyed the baby back ribs. Yum.

The yummy onion rings, served with ranch dressing.

Camilla and Luke had some boneless chicken. Also very tasty.

Chris enjoying a rib.

Camilla enjoying her lunch.

Luke loving his root beer.

Lizzie trying to get her hands on some BBQ.

If you know Chris, you know he takes his BBQ/meat seriously. He knows what he likes and he can cook it too. We lived in Texas, so we have eaten a lot of BBQ (in too many hole in the wall type of places). One night when we were headed to dinner, we passed Phil's BBQ. Now, most places in this area had an obvious wait outside of their doors, but at Phil's, the line came out the door, down the front of the building, and wrapped clear around the other side of the building. Of course, Chris thought he needed to check them out, so the next day, we ventured there for lunch. Luckily, we arrived when the line was just barely out the door, so our wait wasn't too long.

At Phil's BBQ, you order when you first walk in. They give you a buzzer and you wait to pounce on a table, as you see someone clearing out (much like the Cafe Rio concept). Thankfully, we were able to pounce quickly. Our server, Kenny, was energetic and upbeat and apologizes for not having the table cleaned off quickly enough (we did kick the people out of their booth, what were we expecting?). Our food was done relatively quickly, and was brought out by one of the managers. He saw that the chicken we ordered was for the kids and said that if the BBQ sauce was too hot to let him know and he would bring out another order without the sauce (very accommodating). The sauce was great, so we didn't need him to do that. We were all very happy with our meal (Chris and I enjoyed the baby back ribs and the kiddos had some chicken). Chris declared it about the best barbecue he has had, so that is high praise. Next time, we will likely try something else (the roasted chicken, the brisket sandwich, the pulled pork sandwich, lots of choices). So, if you find yourself in San Diego, we highly recommend Phil's BBQ, and if you find yourself in AZ, I highly recommend Chris's BBQ!


ashycam said...

That food looks great. MMMM. I think I am hungry for some BBQ. lol.

Shauna said...

Yep you've made me hungry! Looks like some dang good food.

Emily J. said...

I want some of the Chris' BBQ. How about this summer?