Monday, December 7, 2009

It's about time

So, it's probably time for a new post, since we have had three birthdays, plus many other happenings since our previous post. I have been overwhelmed with posting, because there is so much to catch up on, but I'll just do a quick highlights post. On April 30, Luke had his 4th Birthday, and is now crusising closer to his 5th. At the beginning of June, Camilla had her kindergarten celebration, finishing out a great year with Mrs. Moore. June and July were filled with lots of traveling, as we headed up to Utah for Spencer and Jen's wedding (we helped set them up), visiting with the Roberts and the Nortons, celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary, and then heading up to Northern Idaho for our nephew's baptism. We made it home a few weeks before school started. In the "fall" (late July), Camilla started 1st Grade and Luke started preschool with several buddies. In September, Lizzie turned the big 1! We were lucky to have my mom here to help celebrate, along with other family that is more "local." Also, in September, Chris made it back to Dallas for the big BYU game in the new Texas stadium. We also all journeyed up to UT for the weekend for the BYU vs. FSU game. Chris took Camilla and Luke and endured the beating, with my brother in law, Jon. I got to spend the day with Alli and Lizzie. In October, we got to spend part of fall break in California. We visited Sea World and Legoland and enjoyed some time at the beach. It was a nice getaway. November brought Camilla's 7th birthday and a visit from Chris's parents and sister, Kylee, for Thanksgiving. Now we are only a few weeks from Christmas and looking forward to another break from school. Next post will be about more current times or a catch up of pictures.

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