Sunday, December 21, 2008

BYU vs. ASU (Basketball)

We got decked out in our "Y" gear for the BYU game against ASU in University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinal Stadium). Sadly, the attendance was poor. Not many BYU fans. The Dallas/Fort Worth area does much better for BYU games there. However, it was even more embarrasing for ASU fans (or lack thereof) for a ranked program. BYU was the better team and outplayed them the entire game despite some superstar treatment for ASU's star player. The game ended on a controversial last second shot, which unsurprisingly was decided in ASU's favor. I am very hoarse from yelling at the Pac-10 officials. We had fun and I did not embarass Kelly or the kids too badly. However, if there wasn't a railing in front of me, I probably would have gone after the officials.
We got home in time to see the football Cougars blow chunks in Vegas. I am glad that I stayed close to home for the basketball game. Bad day for Cougar fans. Although the basketball team seems pretty solid. Let the hope and hype begin for next year's football team.


Kristina said...

Cute, cute pics!!! So glad you guys updated. We hardly see you anymore, due to your busy social schedules, so this is how we have to keep in touch! :)

Melissa Bosen said...

How fun! Call us next time and we'll meet you there.

Jenny said...

What a fun day! Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful and Kelly looks fantastic! It is so fun to see your cute family. Have a happy New Year!