Sunday, October 26, 2008

Camping in the desert

I took Camilla and Luke to our Ward Campout in the middle of the desert. It was actually a water skiing development that is still "developing." We camped in our tent on the bank. We left mom and Elizabeth home for a break from us. The kids were so excited to go fishing. We bought them a pole and they each caught their first fish. No...that is not bait on the the line. They each reeled in their "big catch" on their own.
I think nex time I will have them fish in Grandpa's Koi pond so they can catch something a little bigger. They could see the little fish swimming all around their bait. They also enjoyed a boat ride on the ski boat.

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Jeff.Shauna.Kason said...

Wow Camilla and Luke, maybe next time you can bring home Fish for dinner. Yummy!