Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School is back in session!

Camilla and Luke on the first day of school. Camilla picked out which uniform she wanted to wear.

Camilla posing in front of our bushes. She decided to buy lunch on the first day of school.

We walked Camilla to school. We knew the parking lot and streets would be packed. It was a hot morning, but she was excited to walk.

Camilla found her desk. She had her pencil box and her water bottle all ready.

Camilla with her buddy Tanner. They were both excited to start Kindergarten. The moms were both excited that they were in the same class. Of 19 students, 8 of them are from the ward! And there are probably about a dozen more spread out in the other classes.

Camilla just started her third week of school on Monday. Her first day was on July 28! Our district is on a modified year round schedule, so we have an early start date, but we also have some longer breaks during the year. She has been so excited to go to the school in our neighborhood and to start kindergarten. She goes all day and came home the first day and said, "Mom, that was a long day." I am so glad she did the Kindersteps program last year. It has definitely helped transition her for all day. She seems to have a great teacher, Mrs. Moore. A lot of what they are doing is pretty basic, but she is learning her phonograms and picking it up very quickly. She has also learned several little songs for writing numbers and letters correctly, days of the week, months in the year, etc. She loves going to computers, P.E., music, and library and is anxious to get to start checking books out. She likes eating lunch at school (and with her friends) and is excited by how many recesses she has. I know she will have a great year and learn a ton. Poor Luke, misses his sister. He asks every morning (after only about an hour of being home) when Camilla is going to be home. Maybe once the baby gets here, she will occupy him a little.

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Jeff and Shauna said...

Camilla you look so CUTE in your dress. We hope you have a great school year in Kindergarten! We LOVE you! Luke sweet hat! We need to get Kason all geared up for the season! Go COUGARS!